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    Netflix is my guilty pleasure

    Maj 10, 2017

    A few weeks ago I create my account on Netflix. I heard about this many many time ago.  Now in Poland, we can use this platform. Now Netflix is my guilty pleasure.

    It’s not a waste of time!

    All day I am at work, next I go home and prepare dinner for next day, sometimes clean house and 3 times a week I go to the gym, I have my English etc. Free time I have in the evening it’s Netflix time! A lot of awesome interesting and funny serial and films. A lot of categories and. On the first step, we must choose five favorite serials or movie. Next Netflix it associates it with other like serials and shows the suggestions selected for us. Cool options.

    Netflix is my guilty pleasure – 13 reasons why?

    When I was younger I compulsively watched Skins. Serial about British young, rebel people. I like this topic.  I watched „13 reason why” It is very controversial serial actually. It’s about Hanna Baker young girl from college who committed suicide. After that, she recorded cassettes in which talks about 13 reasons why did she do that. True story, maybe sometimes are a story from your life? Watch and check it out. Sometimes we are cruel and ruthless towards each other.

    Next addiction

    The Orange is the new black. I heard a lot of positive comments about that serials. People have rights. I finish one episode and must start next, seriously! This serial is awesome. Good actors, good story, everything is good.


    The first month of use is for free. I think I buy options for 3 monitors, I and my family will use it. Always I can watch in my Macbook, TV via HDMI cable it is good opinions bc sometimes in the weekend in TV is nothing!

    And what’s your fav serial which you recommend to me? 😉


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    Maj 4, 2017